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MainCatalogDirectionalEuroantenna SF10 / 440-470MHz (SKYLINK)

Euroantenna SF10 / 440-470MHz (SKYLINK)

Euroantenna SF10 / 440-470MHz (SKYLINK)
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  • Euroantenna SF10 / 440-470MHz (SKYLINK)
  • Euroantenna SF10 / 440-470MHz (SKYLINK)
Main characteristics
SKU 1673
Vendor Euroantenna
Category Directional
Standart CDMA/450
Frequency 440-470 MHz
System output 12,9 - 14,1 dBi
Antenna External, directed
Connectors N male, SMA male, N female, FME female, TNC male, TNC female
Dimensions, HWD 1700 x 342 x 100 mm
Weight 1.04 kg
Shipment Worldwide
Price 49 $
Other currency 45 ˆ
Delivery 7 days
Wire Transfer VISA MasterCard  

Euroantenna SF10 / 440-470MHz (SKYLINK)
Directional stationary antenna SF10 / 440-470 production of "Euro Antenna" is designed to amplify the signal in the frequency band  440-470  MHz.

Preferred applications:
  • Communication in extremely weak CDMA signal conditions 
  • Use with CDMA modem/router as a donor antenna 
  • Use with longer cable

RF / Electrical specifications:
  • Output impedance 50 Ω
  • Frequency range 440-470 MHz
  • Antenna gain 12,9 - 14,1 dBi
  • Beam width E ±20º
  • Beam width H ±23º
  • Directivity (front/back) >25 dB
  • Connection: RG58LowLoss cable (other on request), connector types FME, SMA, TNC, N.
  • Antennas are delivered with the attached cable and connector of any lengths and types.

Mechanical specifications:
  • Antenna principle: 10 element directional Yagi
  • Dimensions (length): 1700 mm
  • Materials: Gold anodized aluminium. A strengthened version with 12mm elements on metal fasteners. All elements are demountable for easy transportation and storage.
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