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Edimax IC9000 street camera

Edimax IC9000
Main characteristics
SKU 1198
Vendor Edimax
Category IP cameras
Power source DC 12Â, 1À
Connectors RJ-45
Interface Ethernet
Dimensions, HWD 130x77x78mm
Shipment Worldwide
Price 357 $
Other currency 344 ˆ
Delivery 7 days
Wire Transfer VISA MasterCard  

Easy access to IP camera, without complicated setup

In the IC-9000 is implemented "user friendly" concept of use. You can attach
camera to your home network and then easily connect to it via the Internet without complicated setup
using the supplied utilities. No need to install DNS name or changing the configuration of your
router. Simply switch on and use (plugplay). 

Surveillance video images live via 3G mobile phone 
Thanks to the enclosed utility management and support 3GPP/ISMA, IC-9000 allows you to watch video
stream from the camera through most of the 3G mobile phones anytime and anywhere, without
using a fixed IP addressing. 

Protection against water and infrared light for security systems and surveillance

Built-in light sensor, infrared light and waterproof housing IP66 standard offer
ability to use IC-9000 systems, internal and external surveillance, even in conditions of poor
weather and poor light. Thanks to the automatic functions ICR (IRCutterRemover), an infrared filter
operates during the day and removed at night. This ensures improved color quality for
Compared with other IP cameras. 

MPEG-4 compression

For systems of the external video surveillance and monitoring IC-9000 provides the best image quality
in its class and excellent performance. The effective bandwidth of the camera allows you to receive
video stream with a resolution of 640x480, 30 frames per second, and all the properties of MPEG4 video compression. 

Motion Detector with E-mail/FTP notice

IC-9000 supports the detection of motion E-mail/FTP notice. You can easily install this
function and be notified by email or FTP server in the form of staff's motion. 

Excellent recording system and the integration of NAS server

Function NAS records easily convert your ordinary NASserver * in NVR (NetworkVideoRecorder) device and
give the ability to record video information from an IP camera in MPEG4 format. Scheduled Recording function
makes it possible to send video information to the email / ftp schedule, including a motion detector
and recording events on the schedule. Built-in Web server allows you to control the camera IC-9000 via normal
browser operating system Windows or Macintosh. 

Software properties: 

-Access to the camera via the Internet using the utility without registering DDNS
-Dual-stream video to PCs and mobile phones with individual settings
frame rate / resolution / bandwidth.
-Control-infrared illumination: the inclusion of automatic, manual and on schedule.
-16-channel program for monitoring and recording.
-Simultaneous connection of up to 20 users
-Supports enhanced MPEG-4 compression
-Resolution up to 640x480 at 30 fps.
-Motion Detector with E-mail/FTP notice
-Built-in Web server to manage through a browser.
-Record events scheduled
-Turns NAS in NVR.
-Update the firmware online.
-Supports Watchdog to prevent system failure.

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