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Shyam Telecom HB-20 Home Booster

Shyam Telecom HB-20
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  • Shyam Telecom HB-20
  • Shyam Telecom HB-20
  • Shyam Telecom HB-20
Main characteristics
SKU 1195
Vendor Shyam Telecom
Category Indoor
Standart 2G/900
Frequency UL +10 dBm / DL +10 dBm
System output UL 890-915 MHz, DL 935-960 MHz
Area of coverage (m²) 500
Connectors SMA-female
Dimensions, HWD 170x86x40 mm
Weight 0.8 kg
Shipment Worldwide
GSM-amplifier (repeater) HB-20 Home Booster production of Indian
telecom company Shyam Telecom - the optimal solution for
improve the quality of communication in an apartment, office, country house, summer cottage,
in stock, in the basement. 

The amplifier is sold without any additional equipment (not counting unit
supply). This makes it possible to buy everything you need - the antenna
antenna splitters, cables the correct length alone, according
with the existing problem. This possibility will be interesting as installers
equipment, and all those who for one reason or another do not fit
standard set. 

HB-1920 GSM 900 allows for greater signal any GSM-operator in the frequency band
890-915 MHz, 935-960 MHz, UL and DL, and provides coverage up to 500 sq ft - Maximum
for amplifiers of this class! GSM-repeater Shyam also has high
reliability and quality of execution, known brands globally significant.
Compact metal body in white will be a functional element
the interior of your home or office, looking over the comfort of your communication. 

Features home amplifier Shyam HB-20: 

3 years warranty
- A maximum guarantee period among all repiternyh devices of this class.
- The world's leading manufacturer of reliable equipment repiternogo
Best Selling repeater class SOHO in Europe
- Shyam - the official supplier of repeaters for Vodafone Europe and T-Mobile.
Quality control
- Production is certified by Shyam management standards ISO 9001:2000
and ISO 14001:2004.
Provides coverage up to 500 square. M
- Optimized for the size of the office, town houses, apartments, basement.
Fully automatic set up a repeater
- The device type Plug-and-Play - does not require the skills set.
Automatic protection from improper installation ("self-excitation")
- The device is turned off and guaranteed signal LED on
improperly installed antennas.
It does not require special permits to use
- According to RF Government Resolution 12.10.2004 ¹ 539 "On the order
registration of radio electronic facilities and high frequency devices.
Environmentally device
- Electromagnetic radiation and the effects on the human body is reduced to
1,5-2 times the repeaters of the class. 

Reflection signal from tall buildings, distance of the object from the base station
operator, basement or a semi-character space - all these factors
degrade the quality of communication and not always depend on the cellular operator. Do not
forget about the harm to health caused to constant gain receiver performance
cell phones in the zone of weak signal reception. Problem solved
through installation of GSM-repeater retransmits the signal from the external antenna on
internal, and providing stable connection without amplification of electromagnetic
field in the room. 

GSM-repeater Shyam Telecom HB-20 Home Booster GSM 900 (only repeater) is for sale!
without additional equipment. By purchasing it, you can choose
and get all the necessary additional equipment - antennas, antenna
splitters, cables the correct length, so getting set, the maximum
corresponding problem facing you. 

GSM-repeater Shyam Telecom HB-20 Home Booster GSM 900 (only repeater) - this
very reliable, easy to use and flexible solution that will
stay in touch. 


-Shyam Telecom HB-20 Home Booster GSM 900 (only repeater)

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