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Band pass repeater Remotek R25

Remotek R25
Main characteristics
SKU 1192
Vendor Remotek
Category Outdoor - Power
Standart 2G (GSM)/900/1800
System output 40 dBm
Area of coverage (m²) 10000000
Connectors N - rosette
Interface RS232
Dimensions, HWD 570×400×200 mm
Weight 30 kg
Shipment Worldwide

This model is similar to the previous two models R23 and R24, but with higher output  (10 W) and can be ordered not one but two bands transmission or in the range of GSM900,  or in the range of DCS1800. Thanks to the monitoring and control functions parameters  of the repeater OMT / OMC, these bands can be adjusted, "Moving" them to the operating  range, but without changing very wide bandwidth. Also function OMT / OMC allows both  locally (via RS232), and remotely (via GSM-modem) to check and change other parameters  of a repeater, so that it can be used in the most adverse weather conditions. 
Selector bandwidth, together with the lack of amplify the signal outside the passband excludes 
improving cellular coverage competitors.
R25 is a repeater for mobile network operators  communication simple and inexpensive solution to ensure quality communication, both within and  outside of buildings without the need for additional cost of installation of additional  base stations. Possible applications: Public buildings, shopping centers, exhibition  halls, parking lots, tunnels and parts of the countryside.  


 -Possibility to choose one or two passbands in the same range (GSM900 and DCS1800) 
 -Function control and monitoring OMT / OMC 
 -Easy installation

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